Using a microwave to actually cook

Being an essentially lazy chef who wants to move from ‘raw ingredients’ to ‘mouth’ in as short a time as possible, I like to cook in a microwave. Yes cook.

I realise some people might find this strange, or even alarming. But frankly I don’t care. It works. It’s good.

Cooking veg in the microwave is a great way to retain nutrition. If you don’t believe me ask someone who will agree with me, and they will tell you straight.

If you haven’t got a microwave, don’t despair. You can either:

a) buy a microwave

b) cook in the oven – but it will take a lot longer and the washing up will be harder. Yuk.

c) go with a)

If you DO have a microwave and haven’t yet worked out that you can actually cook in it (as opposed to just warming up muffins or leftovers, then, “you’re welcome” 🙂


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