Man of my dreams

Yes I’ve met the man of my dreams.

Still getting to know him, to grow into him and allow him in to all the places I’ve kept hidden away and lacquered over.

He loves me ceaselessly, passionately, affectionately and without compromise or condition.

My imperfections, bruises and scars don’t present a barrier to him, or make him turn away; they are markers to show my journey and how I’ve survived all that life’s handed me only because he has been by my side every moment of every day.

He challenges me to be the best I can be. He picks me up when I fall.

He is my rock when I need to stand,  my fortress when I need to fight, my comfort when I need to be held up. He never tires of being the light in the dark, or my hand to hold.

He is gracious towards me, never fails me, never lies to me, never has double standards and never mocks me.

He delights in me. He blesses me with abundant generosity not because of who I am or what I’ve done, but because of who he is.

He character is unshakable, his integrity non-negotiable. He is consistent, true, honest, faithful.

He is my friend.


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